San Diego International Airport


The Good Traveler Founder

Environmental stewardship is a hallmark of operations at San Diego International Airport (SAN), which is operated by the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority. In fact, the Airport Authority instituted one of the first sustainability policies for a major airport in the U.S. This formalized the Airport Authority’s commitment to an environmentally sustainable future for the airport and the region. In 2011, SAN was the first airport in the U.S.A. to issue a sustainability report based on the internationally recognized criteria of the Global Reporting Initiative.

The Airport Authority is committed to building and operating sustainably and strives to protect the wide variety of natural resources that exist at SAN’s location. Going beyond the airport’s direct impacts, SAN founded The Good Traveler in 2015 for regional passengers and businesses. Via The Good Traveler, participants can neutralize the impacts of transportation and trips. SAN selected Jet-Set Offset to scale The Good Traveler across North America and beyond.

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