San Francisco International Airport


The Good Traveler member since: 2018

Most Airports aim for gold, but San Francisco International Airport’s (SFO) goal is zero: zero waste to landfill, zero net energy, and carbon neutrality. SFO’s objective, as outlined in its 5-Year Strategic Plan, is to be the first Airport in the world to achieve triple zero. SFO further works build this environmental leadership through employee and passenger-focused initiatives that increase alternative transit options, reduce water use, enhance biodiversity and resilience, support airport businesses to go green, and champion health and wellness for all that visit our campus. These directives will also enable the Airport to give back to our community and our shared environment, serve our overall mission, and lead the industry in triple bottom line sustainability.

SFO has visionary leadership and a deep culture of engagement from its more than 43,000 employees. This includes the SFO Airport Commission, airline, concession, vendors and contractors. The Airport served nearly 56 million passengers in 2017. Even as one of the fastest-growing airports in the United States, SFO has curtailed its greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 33% from a 1990 baseline, as well as reduced electricity use by 3% and natural gas use by 9% over the last four years. This saves the Airport an estimated $2.5 million in annual utility operational expenditures. To further the Airport and our airline and passengers serve, SFO joined San Diego and six other airport operators to join as an Advisory member of The Good Traveler in 2018.

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