HeartLands Conservancy


HeartLands Conservancy is a conservation nonprofit serving southwestern Illinois in the St Louis Metro area since 1989. The organization's mission is focused on improving the lives of the people of the region through natural resources. To that end, the organization conserves and restores wildlife habitats, works to improve the health of the region's streams and lakes, and partners with communities and groups to address complex issues, such as parks, trails, and neighborhood vitality. To date, HeartLands Conservancy has preserved 10,000 acres of green spaces and farmland.

HeartLands Conservancy has several restoration projects underway that funding from The Good Traveler will support:
Brushy Lake: Restoration of forested wetlands and wet meadows to support Black-Crowned Night Herons in the Collinsville area. Restoration activities include planting new trees, removing detrimental exotic plants, and restoring the wetland.
Poag Sand Prairie: Restoration of the historic prairie conditions in the Edwardsville/South Roxana area, including removing detrimental plants, seeding a new prairie, and installing small wetlands for amphibians.
Community Forestry Program: HeartLands Conservancy works with local governments to increase tree canopy in communities in the region. This helps reduce the heat island effect, filters air pollution, offsets carbon, and supports community pride and stability. The organization is working with communities throughout the region to plant trees in appropriate places, and also trains volunteer tree stewards to assist with the care and monitoring of these trees to ensure their survival.


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