Idaho Conservation League


Founded in 1973, the Idaho Conservation League (ICL) is Idaho's leading voice for conservation. ICL is a statewide conservation organization devoted to protecting Idaho's environment. ICL's mission is to create a conservation community and pragmatic, enduring solutions that protect and restore the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the land and wildlife you love.

Here are just a few of ICL's conservation priorities that support from The Good Traveler makes possible:

Curbing climate change. One of ICL's long-term goals is a carbon-neutral Idaho, which will help protect local communities from climate change impacts and ensure the state reduces its contribution to this global problem. ICL advocates for clean energy, climate-friendly transportation, and agricultural practices that mitigate climate change. Last year, the support of donors specifically helped ICL legally engage as a voice for residential rooftop solar at the Idaho Public Utilities Commission, and also allowed ICL to advocate that the costs required to transition all Idaho utilities to fully renewable energy not be unfairly felt by the lowest income Idahoans.

Protecting Idaho's public lands and wildlife. ICL staff actively participate in more than a dozen public land collaboratives around the state, ensuring that conservation values have a seat at the table where decisions on public lands are made. ICL's participation protects wildlife and habitat, and lays the groundwork for future Wilderness and Wild & Scenic River designations. ICL staff also speaks up for clean water and air, land stewardship, biodiversity, and wildlife protections on public lands across the state, including at multiple proposed mining sites. ICL focuses on ensuring environmental protections are in place to protect the state’s land, water, air, and wildlife.

Cleaning up the Snake River. While its headwaters in Eastern Idaho boast world class fisheries and pristine water, by the time the Snake River reaches Idaho’s western border, the river is so polluted that the state often warns people not to touch it or let their pets near it. Contaminated groundwater that returns to the river is a significant part of this problem. Last year, ICL issued its third annual Snake Plain Groundwater Report, which details a continuing trend of poor water quality in the Magic Valley. ICL sent the report's Executive Summary to thousands of Magic Valley residents whose drinking water is negatively impacted by this pollution. The support of donors also helped ICL revive its Wastewater Treatment Plant Report after a two year hiatus. These reports provide a springboard for advocacy work with local stakeholders and elected officials as ICL works to make the Snake River across southern Idaho safe and clean again.

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