San Antonio River Foundation


The San Antonio River Foundation was created in 2003 as the 501(c)(3) nonprofit partner to the San Antonio River Authority. SARF's mission is to enhance the entire 242-mile-long San Antonio River Basin as a vibrant cultural, educational, ecological, and recreational experience. Established to provide amenities and enhancements along the San Antonio River and its tributaries not funded by public monies, the Foundation invests in and manages public projects that provide opportunities for residents and tourists alike to enjoy the river's natural beauty, immerse themselves in its history and become thoughtful stewards of its future.

A small, collaborative office, SARF has raised more than $42 million from public and private donors, returning $0.87 of every dollar back to the community through ecological restoration projects, unique and unprecedented recreation opportunities focusing on our urban waterway, the commissioning and installation of 24 large-scale works of public art along the San Antonio River by local, national and international artists, and the design and construction of Confluence Park, SARF's award winning outdoor environmental education center, which has hosted more than 99,000 students and participants since its opening in March of 2018.

SARF's vision is to continue expanding outreach efforts, promoting their mission to enhance the entire river basin by reconnecting the community to its river and the natural world it supports, and in the process instilling a sense of pride and responsibility.

Funds donated through The Good Traveler will directly impact the River Foundation's outreach and programs dedicated to inspiring stewardship of the San Antonio River. Specific programs include environmental field trip for students focusing on riparian issues and sustainability, responsible recreation opportunities targeting underrepresented communities in nature, and volunteer clean up and ecological restoration events.

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