Yampa Valley Community Foundation


Your support of the Routt County Climate Action Plan Fund, held at the Yampa Valley Community Foundation, will enable and empower local climate action projects including habitat restoration (wetlands, post-fire regeneration, and reforestation of riparian corridors), waste diversion, commercial and residential fuel-switching, energy assessments, deployment of renewable energy, and implementation of climate-friendly transportation solutions.

Nestled in northwest Colorado, the Yampa Valley is home to extensive natural beauty, western spirit, abundant outdoor recreation opportunities, and the native wilderness of the Rocky Mountains. Yet like so many other mountain communities, the Yampa Valley is threatened by climate change. Its most visible impacts include increased wildfire risk and reduced snowpack, which leads to lower flow levels in waterways, reduced water availability, and decreased agricultural yields. The Valley’s economy relies on ski tourism, outdoor recreation and agriculture, all of which are jeopardized by climate change.

Local governments, community groups, and industry partners have come together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change through the locally-adopted Routt County Climate Action Plan. The plan identifies attainable and measurable strategies, actions, and tactics that create a clear roadmap for reducing greenhouse gas emissions across multiple sectors. Taken together, these actions will allow them to reach the community-wide goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 74% by 2050.

Through deep relationships with local nonprofit organizations, philanthropists and community leaders, the Yampa Valley Community Foundation works every day to promote giving to enhance and sustain the Yampa Valley.

Yampa Valley Community Foundation (YVCF):

  • Strengthens and sustains local nonprofits, amplifying their accomplishments in the Yampa Valley.
  • Engages donors in personalized giving with the goal of fostering a culture of meaningful philanthropy.
  • Makes and facilitates impactful grants.
  • Builds community, catalyzing innovative and collaborative solutions to the community’s most important unmet needs.
  • Leads in times of crisis, collaborating to swiftly raise and grant back out funding to meet immediate needs in the community.



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